Who We Are

Building Resilience, Fostering Safety – Empowering First Responders Through Martial Arts

Our ultimate goal is to save first responders and community member lives while enhancing effective community policing and growing public trust.

Our expert Martial Artist and Law Enforcement staff at No Belt Required have created a foundational program to teach the most effective and applicable moves from the most effective self defense disciplines:

  • Wrestling
  • Judo
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Boxing/Muay Thai

The classes will focus on teaching the skills you need to protect yourself and others.

This course has received full AZPOST accreditation for continued training credit.

Our instructors are a mix of first responders with extensive real life policing experience and martial arts training as well as expert civilian martial arts practitioners and coaches who understand the need for further education for our law enforcement community.

Instructors will teach a small, specifically chosen list of effective, and proven techniques in every discipline and focus on providing an experienced and safe place to practice, practice, practice.

Mako NBR

Repetitive defensive training and regular stress inoculation are key components of professional policing and modern de-escalation training.

Scientific research has shown that it takes around 10,000 repetitions for a new movement, or skill, to become muscle memory — to become a true part of an individual’s skill set.

The program’s mission is to provide expert repetitive defensive tactics training to incorporate proven de-escalation tactics and habits into active duty police officers.

No Belt Required will track your progress with every single move and every single class on your journey toward 10,000 repetitions and 10,000 hours.

What Can I Expect From Participating In No Belt Required?

Expert and Personalized Training and Coaching

Classes with an Emphasis on the Most Effective and Applicable Skills

Individual Training Focused on Maximizing the Learning Potential of a Group

Numerous Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Community – A Community of Like-Minded Individuals Committed to Self, and Community, Improvement

The Tools for a Long and Healthy Career


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Benefits of No Belt Required

Empowering Law Enforcement & First Responders Through Continued Defensive Tactic Training with The NBR Community

Mental Health

No Belt Required is committed to supporting first responders in their well-being journey. Our program provides a dedicated space for decompression and mental wellness, fostering a community where officers can share experiences and access resources to navigate the unique challenges.


No Belt Required focuses on building your confidence through hands-on training in defensive tactics and de-escalation techniques. By seamlessly incorporating these practices into our programs, we ensure that you not only acquire valuable skills but also gain the confidence to apply them effectively.


At No Belt Required, we foster a community of motivated officers and staff committed to self-improvement and community betterment. Our programs offer opportunities to engage in team building, problem-solving, and networking, allowing you to collaborate with individuals from diverse departments.

Training Officers and Agents From...

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Natalie Garland
JiuJitsu Instructor

My name is Natalie Garland. I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2012 at the age of 35. I did not have any grappling experience when I started. Now I am a Black Belt under David Reilly. I got my Black Belt in November 2022. I currently teach at two gyms, Mako and Undisputed here in Tucson, AZ. I love teaching. The best part about teaching is the students. Watching their progression, makes this job the best job in the world.

Yegor Makhiboroda
JiuJitsu Instructor

My name is Yegor Makhiboroda and I am a brown belt under David Reilly at Undisputed. I have been training Jiu Jitsu for 6 years. Grappling has brought amazing people into my life and has given me the opportunity to travel and train all over the world. I am excited to share this art with others through coaching. I believe grappling can be a powerful vehicle for personal growth if you let it. I love no-gi grappling and have been focused on wrestling over the last few years.

Sam Ohanesian
JiuJitsu Instructor

My name is Sam Ohanesian. I have been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for about 7 years now and I am a brown belt under Mike Macgregor at Mako BJJ. I started BJJ with a small group of people while I was stationed in California in the Air Force and I was instantly hooked. I now teach classes at Mako BJJ here in Tucson, AZ. I love teaching and being able to meet new people who share a common interest in BJJ.

CJ Higgins
JiuJitsu Instructor

CJ Higgins, BJJ Purple Belt who loves to compete and train and play jiu jitsu. Fire Captain @ NWFD Station 30 C shift, and also Health Educator & EMT Program Coordinator at U of A. Im passionate about adult learning & am constantly trying to discover, implement, and learn better ways to help people get better at their chosen craft. I love jiu jitsu, excited to share it.